Friday, June 29, 2012

I need to smile everytime :>

    I need to smile everyday, everytime, everysecond when I'm sad I need to smile again. Don't show your sad thing. But when someone look at your eye, he will see a sad thing :> I sad and my badmood come. Everyone don't ever talk with me. I will kill you xD Ya, I'm sad when I thingking about my family, about my friends, about my boyfriend. About my family, what I want they will give but one thing they cannot give, love from they :< And about my friends, all friends we cannot believe it. There are some who stabbed behind. But  now all my friends attitude are so good. Good like KFC :p whohohoho. So good (Y) okay now about my boyfriend, I love him so much and I hope my relationship with him are longer. A relationship is important in the faithful. I'm be honest, I'm not faithful with you. And  I do not entertain any man other than you. I think because the liver can not want bbm to anyone except you dear :) sometimes there were too many stories I hear about you, but I do not believe easily. I hear people say, you always treat women. I am sad to hear that. You know what, if one of the women took your heart. What can I do? hmmmmmmmmm take care of my heart please :)

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