Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lot of drama :)

Everyday i think about you. I'm smiling by my self.
.Everytime i looked into the mirror, I see you, waving me again and again.
Every night i dreamed about you, calling me, we spent our best moments together, I'm calling you, My Mr Nobody.
I'm sorry because believe that stupid gossip, but it makes me to trust you more.
I'm sorry because i can't be your side, when you are in pain.
But it makes me always thinking of you.
Oppa. I'm sorry if this love had disturbed you,
But i can't throw it because this love make me has spirit in life.
Oppa, if we are not be fated together. I hope you'll meet someone good and be happy.
Please live strongly without crying, I'll always be here.
#PrayForYou #SupportYou #TrustYou #LoveYou

-LotOfDrama Korean-

My ExBoyfriend writing for me last year. That memories :')

If you hide, I will seek for you, If you are lost, I will search for you, if you leave, I will wait for you.
If they try to take you away from me, I will fight for you. Because i never want to lose some special like you.
 Did you know why I'm still with you until now? One night, the star said to me, if she makes you cry, why don't leave her?
I looked at the star and said, star would you ever leave your sky? I can't describe how important you in my life,
 and i don't want to lose yo! Yeah like i said before now you got 2 heart but i got nothing, so please take care of my heart.
Don't try to broke my heart otherwise sure i will kill you. hehe :p
Baby, today is our 3rd month. We still have long journey in the future.
 I hope we can stay strong like this forever. I love you,. yes I really do and meant it.
Btw, if you got problems please share with me!! that all i can said. I hope our relationships stay longer.
Saranghae <3 xx

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