Friday, July 27, 2012

Suck of bitch :>

Fuck You.
Haters is the Bitch.
Before you judge me, make sure you perfect enough :)

I do not like people who can talk about other people. Do you think that it just adds sin?
 Act before you talk about people, you go look at the mirror first. And i think it will be broken mirror :p
Evil person will look on your face, do not see what the heart did not.
When you do good, but those who hate us will see all the things we are doing is evil.
Sometimes I do not understand why many would envy me, why?
Because I am more of them all? Act no, I'm not perfect enough that you see.

 All people in this world is not perfect.I do not like the enemy. 
If possible, do not want to have enemies. 
But those people who are jealous, we can not prevent them to do like us. 
It's up to those who want to hate, it's their right. I'm here just let me :)
 and my the dignity of the affected  yeahh let me play the game :)
Hate you haters bitch brock :D

Friday, June 29, 2012

I need to smile everytime :>

    I need to smile everyday, everytime, everysecond when I'm sad I need to smile again. Don't show your sad thing. But when someone look at your eye, he will see a sad thing :> I sad and my badmood come. Everyone don't ever talk with me. I will kill you xD Ya, I'm sad when I thingking about my family, about my friends, about my boyfriend. About my family, what I want they will give but one thing they cannot give, love from they :< And about my friends, all friends we cannot believe it. There are some who stabbed behind. But  now all my friends attitude are so good. Good like KFC :p whohohoho. So good (Y) okay now about my boyfriend, I love him so much and I hope my relationship with him are longer. A relationship is important in the faithful. I'm be honest, I'm not faithful with you. And  I do not entertain any man other than you. I think because the liver can not want bbm to anyone except you dear :) sometimes there were too many stories I hear about you, but I do not believe easily. I hear people say, you always treat women. I am sad to hear that. You know what, if one of the women took your heart. What can I do? hmmmmmmmmm take care of my heart please :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lot of drama :)

Everyday i think about you. I'm smiling by my self.
.Everytime i looked into the mirror, I see you, waving me again and again.
Every night i dreamed about you, calling me, we spent our best moments together, I'm calling you, My Mr Nobody.
I'm sorry because believe that stupid gossip, but it makes me to trust you more.
I'm sorry because i can't be your side, when you are in pain.
But it makes me always thinking of you.
Oppa. I'm sorry if this love had disturbed you,
But i can't throw it because this love make me has spirit in life.
Oppa, if we are not be fated together. I hope you'll meet someone good and be happy.
Please live strongly without crying, I'll always be here.
#PrayForYou #SupportYou #TrustYou #LoveYou

-LotOfDrama Korean-

My ExBoyfriend writing for me last year. That memories :')

If you hide, I will seek for you, If you are lost, I will search for you, if you leave, I will wait for you.
If they try to take you away from me, I will fight for you. Because i never want to lose some special like you.
 Did you know why I'm still with you until now? One night, the star said to me, if she makes you cry, why don't leave her?
I looked at the star and said, star would you ever leave your sky? I can't describe how important you in my life,
 and i don't want to lose yo! Yeah like i said before now you got 2 heart but i got nothing, so please take care of my heart.
Don't try to broke my heart otherwise sure i will kill you. hehe :p
Baby, today is our 3rd month. We still have long journey in the future.
 I hope we can stay strong like this forever. I love you,. yes I really do and meant it.
Btw, if you got problems please share with me!! that all i can said. I hope our relationships stay longer.
Saranghae <3 xx

Friday, April 6, 2012



                            Falling in love with one person. Not to many person. Like boys! :)

We met → We talked → We liked → We called → We texted → 

We dated → We committed → I loved → You cheated → We're done.
"I loved you but you cheated. You were my world but now you're deleted'
Boys is like that, a girl is to much love him. But he's cheat. And a few months he's regret that -.- 

So annoying!

Girls cheat if theres something wrong with the relationship. Guys cheat if theres an opportunity. Its true?
When women are bored, I tried harder than you could ever imagine and now here I am,
 trying my best just to forget everything :) like its right boys? -..-
Guys being like this : The worst feeling in the world is when you can't love anyone else, because your heart still belongs to the one that broke it.

And boys : You can find a better man then me, Forget me and find another :) 
 Women do not easily forget the men just like that.  
Dear boy, she's still there, at the place you left her, hoping that someday you will realize, hoping that someday you will be back ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jelly Fish come on my brain :*

GF : you, I'm jealous of my friends ..
BF : jealous? why?
GF : their boyfriend always give a gift, buy chains, rings, clothes, take them sightseeing
BF : Im sorry. Because I can not give this to you.
I am not wealthy

GF : you do not like this .. what you give is enough for me ... believe me ..
BF : But you still want it all right? the same as your friends?
GF : you ... Sorry.
BF : It does not matter :)

One day the boyfriend received the news that the girlfriend had an accident and suffered severe injuries resulting in loss of vision girlfriend

after a few weeks .. girlfriend was awake and had returned home. He read a letter given by a nurse before girlfriend back to his house, forgive me for all this because I was not able to be a lover
of the best for you. I can not afford provide prosperity to you. I can not Make happy you with my wealth. sweetheart, today you see and read this letter with my own eyes. This only can I give to you dear. This eye care as you watch yourself. with this point later .. you will meet someone who will love and will give you all that you want. im sorry