Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jelly Fish come on my brain :*

GF : you, I'm jealous of my friends ..
BF : jealous? why?
GF : their boyfriend always give a gift, buy chains, rings, clothes, take them sightseeing
BF : Im sorry. Because I can not give this to you.
I am not wealthy

GF : you do not like this .. what you give is enough for me ... believe me ..
BF : But you still want it all right? the same as your friends?
GF : you ... Sorry.
BF : It does not matter :)

One day the boyfriend received the news that the girlfriend had an accident and suffered severe injuries resulting in loss of vision girlfriend

after a few weeks .. girlfriend was awake and had returned home. He read a letter given by a nurse before girlfriend back to his house, forgive me for all this because I was not able to be a lover
of the best for you. I can not afford provide prosperity to you. I can not Make happy you with my wealth. sweetheart, today you see and read this letter with my own eyes. This only can I give to you dear. This eye care as you watch yourself. with this point later .. you will meet someone who will love and will give you all that you want. im sorry

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